Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vera Bradley Fall 2012 in Store Preview

I wasn't able to make it to the Vera Bradley preview yet, but a friend went and was able to take some photos...lots of photos!  Check out the video to see a slideshow of the Fall 2012 preview!

Some of the items included in the preview are: Laptop Backpack, Go Round Tote, Vera, Tote, E-reader Sleeve, Large Duffel, Eloise, Hipster, Zip ID, all size Cosmos, Lunch Date & Mandy. 

Fall 2012 will have two releases.  The first one will be Indigo Pop, Paisley Meets Plaid & Va Va Bloom.  The second will be Canyon, Provincial & Portobello Road. 

Looking for more photos?  Click here for the post of the photos from the online survey for Fall 2012. 


  1. What great photos. Thanks so much for posting. To put it nicely though; I am going to be saving money. Some of those prints seriously hurt my morning eyes! :)

  2. I fell in love with Indigo Pop when we saw it previewed in a "dorm room" at A Colorful Day this weekend. I'll be saving a giftcard I won during Quilted Quiz hour to get something when it comes out.

  3. I love canyon! Other than that...not feeling it...I thought the paisley one would be way cuter that it turned out to be... the indigo pop one is pretty though too....gotta say though..I hate va va hurts my eyes to even look at it


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