Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - In Bloom

Vera Bradley has a Be Colorful Tour that appears to be making its way up the east coast.  Last night it was in Tysons Corner just outside of DC in Virginia and I was lucky enough to already be headed to the mall for the party at the Vera Bradley store, so I was able to swing by and check it out! 

They were giving out bouquets wrapped up in paper that had the summer prints on it!  Plus coupons: Free photo book from the signature store, $20 off a purchase of $65 or more & 25% off Teleflora. 

 Natalie and I waiting for our flowers. 

For more photos check out Vera Bradley's facebook page

They said their next stop is Annapolis, MD!


  1. OH! I wish this event would come our way in northern Illinois! lol what are the chances? Love your blog by the way. I check in frequently!

  2. I see the new print on that hipster! Indigo Pop!

  3. I heard about the VIP event last night. To anybody who attended - what was the party like?

  4. Awesome! By the way, I LOVE Indigo Pop!!! I found a Small Cosmetic in Indigo Pop on eBay a couple of weeks ago and snatched it up right away :) I love it in the Hipster too! Can't wait for it to be released - I'm saving for a new purse in Indigo Pop :)


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