Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vera Bradley Purchases from Vera Bradley Party on April 18th

Here are some photos of what I picked up at the Vera Bradley party last week.  I went in with a list: Clare in Limes Up, Scarf in Summer Cottage, Laptop Skin & Book Keepers in Mocha Rouge.  I was able to stick to my list for the most part, but called my mom to see if she wanted anything, so I picked up a Lizzy in Ellie Blue for her.  The A to Vera Frill collection was also on sale, so I made an impulse purchase and got might be going back though...I really wanted to stick to my list.  We shall see.  

I also found out that the Book Keepers were never made in Mocha Rouge...that was a bummer because in my room I have the Mocha Rouge blanket, tray and photo frame so it would have been nice to get the book keepers to hold all of my magazines.  Maybe Rosy Posies would work.

My purchases...and free gifts

As part of the Be Colorful Tour - In Bloom, you got a coupon for a free photo book, but since the store was out you could get a frame instead, so I picked this one up for my mom since she likes Ellie Blue.  I think that it will look really cute with a photo of me and my sister in it. 

A Mother's Story was the gift for everyone who attended.

I have had my eye on a Clare bag and decided this was the perfect chance to pick one up.  I went with Limes Up, I think that it will be fun for summer! 

Here is the inside of the Clare

The front has a slip in pocket and a pocket with a flap.

Here is the inside of the Lizzy, there is a pocket on the back with credit card slots and the larger main compartment. 

 The front is the same at Clare...a slip in pocket and a pocket with a flap. 

 A to Vera Daily Tote made in a nylon material

 The inside is lined with red and has slip in pockets and a zipper pocket. 


  1. I have the Clare and just luv it, it looks small for a bag, but you can fit a lot in it. The A to Vera tote is cute that you bought.

  2. Hi Alison! Did you end up keeping the Daily Tote? I was thinking about getting one myself...


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