Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Me Cards

When I went to go check out the new Fall 2011 colors I was in love with the stationary!  I picked up a calendar, pens and I really wanted some cards.  The So Me cards were what I was planning on getting but they were sold out of A.  The ladies at the store told me that since they were sold out they could have them shipped to me and the shipping would be free!! Yeah! About a week later my cards arrived! 

I guess it has been a while since I ordered anything from Vera Bradley because they have changed their boxes.  I had heard about this, but hadn't experienced it.  So if you arent familiar with what it used to used to have a gift box inside the brown box.  Now they have lined the inside of the brown box with color!! I like it, plus it doesnt use so much cardboard.  It was always hard for me to part with the gift boxes.  I might even have a couple left at my parents house, haha.  

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  1. I wish all the boxes were lined. But my last order came in a plain old generic box. The items were wrapped in tissue paper, but no colored box. Oh well, maybe it was because everything I ordered was from the online outlet store. ;)


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