Monday, August 8, 2011

Vera Bradley Bookbag in Happy Snails!

The one thing that someone would have noticed was missing from my collection was a backpack.  I have always wanted one, and even bought one once, but promptly returned it.  Large backpacks always cost too much and I didn't think that I needed one because I had my handy Jansport backpack (made it through Jr High - College! and still is around).  The smaller backpack was just too small.  I bought one at the Glendale Vera Bradley store on sale in Mod Floral Pink, but when I got it home and put my stuff into it, it was just too small for me. I really wanted a fun backpack to take to amusement parks or just when I have more stuff to carry, so a small backpack just wouldn't cut it.  By the time I decided I wanted a Large Backpack they were hard to come by.  So I kind of forgot about it because I still had my Jansport backpack.  Well, when Vera Bradley announced that they were coming out with a Bookbag, I decided that I would have to get one! Plus, now through August 15th they are only $75 (reg $92).

It was really hard to decide what color to get!  I really like Happy Snails though and it has so many colors in it, I figured it would go with a lot of things.  Plus I love navy blue, maybe it has something to do with my former employer.

Check out the photos below of the new Vera Bradley Bookbag. 

 The front of the Bookbag. 

 The back has quilted straps that are adjustable. 

 Inside there are nylon slip pockets. 

 The front has a really good size pocket with a magnetic flap closure. 

Both sides have pockets, perfect for my water bottle! 


  1. I just bought this exact one!! It's amazing, isn't it?

  2. Alison,

    I have to agree on the small backpack. There were small backpacks in Pink Elephant at the outlet, but they were awkward. Too small to be a proper backpack, too few pockets (and too thin) to be a backpack purse, and the front flap was too small to really hold anything, so what was the point? Glad to see that the "school-size" backpack is back!

    Also, have to ask, who was your former employer that resulted in you being so fond of navy blue?

  3. I have a Backpack in Make Me Blush right now and I love it! I don't know if it is necessarily a small or large backpack, it is just the $88 one (I got mine in sale!) I am in highschool and I would be afraid of spilling something on my bookbag if I got one. I am good with my Jansport one!

  4. That's really cute!

    I was contemplating a laptop backpack, but ultimately chose a Metro bag for my laptop and books. Still, like you, the backpack calls to me-especially since it has a pocket for my water bottle.

  5. Wait, it was the Padres, right?


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