Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On Sale - Barcelona, Slate Blooms, Twirly Birds Navy & Hello Dahlia!

The next set of sale items go on sale Thursday, September 1st!  

The colors going on sale are Barcelona, Slate Blooms, Twirly Birds Navy & Hello Dahlia.  The styles going on sale are Large Hobo, Julia, Angle Tote, Opera Wallet & Trip Kit.  And the Summer Canvas will also be going on sale.  

I am kind of disappointed to see the Angle Tote on its way out.  I actually one own one, but I have bought, returned, exchanged a few along the way.  They are a great size to use as a large purse.  I will definitely be picking some up on sale!

Also the Outlets are having a sale for Labor Day weekend!  Everything will be 25% off and Let's Do Lunch will be $15.99. I plan on heading out there on Friday or Saturday, can't wait to see what they have in stock this weekend!


  1. Alison, regarding the Angle Tote and other bags with rolled handles (such as Eloise): do the handles fade from sun/use? I've always liked the Angle Tote and I'm thinking of getting one since they're on their way out, but I'm worried it won't stay looking nice. If you have experience with this I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!

  2. Those of us with the chain bag would like to know too!

  3. I have a couple bags with rolled handles - bowler and angle tote. I usually treat all of my bags with scotch gard prior to use and I don't have problems with them getting dirty and fading. I do have a lot of Vera bags and I alternate a lot, but I haven't noticed that rolled handles don't fare as well as non-rolled ones.

  4. And the online outlet is back, with some items that haven't been seen for a long time (headbands! card keepers!).

    If Sarsh is reading, the online outlet has stocked the Zip Sunglass Case in Raspberry Fizz and Cupcakes Pink. :)


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