Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vera Bradley Mocha Rogue Rolling Luggage

Today my Paprika Notepad a with Sticky Pad arrived in the mail! There was also a postcard announcing that Mocha Rogue Rolling Luggage arrives in stores August 18th, well that is today! I didn't realize it would be available starting today, so that was fun news.

The postcard says: Introducing a vibrant color addition to our Signature Rolling Luggage Collection! A chic fuchsia, coral, white and chocolate floral is printed on durable polyester for miles and miles of style. Choose from six essential travel items, including a new compact 22" Spinner.

So might be time for me to pick up some VB luggage. Mom take note :)

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  1. I just got that same Paprika notepad the other day! I'm going through my sticky notes too fast though.

  2. There is a contest on that if you comment you could win a Mocha Rouge Spinner or black one! I commented :)

  3. Alison, how many Vera Bradley items do you have? I remember your last count was around 112 but can you do a post that lists everything you have?? I would LOVE that!

  4. @ Sarah, I have lost track of how many bags that I have. When I moved from the west coast to the east coast in the spring I only brought a handful of them with me, the rest are there. Maybe someday when I am reunited with all of my bags I will post a full list and a new photo.


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