Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vera Bradley Beach and Straw Collections! Perfect for Summer!

I am on a roll and I have a few more minutes before I call it a night, so I thought that I would post one more time! Tomorrow is the release of the Vera Bradley Beach and Straw Collections! I have a Vera Bradley beach towel in Loves Me and guess what...I love it! The Beach Collection will be offered in English Meadow, Viva la Vera and Watercolor (flip flops, all 4 colors) and the Straw Collection is going to feature Viva la Vera! I will let you all make your own opinions on the Straw Collection.


  1. Hmm...sounds like you might not be a fan of the Straw Collection, I have to see it in person to decide. It looks pretty cute on the video, but I usually ruin staw bags pretty easily. I'm thinking about a pair of flip flops though, just can decide which pattern.

    PS: Forgot to mention on the last post, bummer about the staff at the VB Outlet! Haven't had to deal with that one but the one time I called one the salesperson was just as nice and friendly over the phone as the ones at the Sig Store I go to.

  2. The new bags look so cute! I want the Hobo that Liz was carrying in the video so badly! Hope that the quality is good...I remember that last year's Tiki collection (the one with the straw netting and coconut buttons) was really poorly made (the button on my clutch broke and the cover was really rough). Maybe I'll get a pair of flip flops to go with these bags... :)


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