Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day Bracelet

Now through May 8th you can get a Vera Bradley Mother's Day Bracelet for $28. It is available in all four summer colors. They are pretty cute, but I dont think that I would be able to pick a color that I would wear often enough. They would be fun to wear this summer though or in the winter when I am wearing a not so fun sweater. And maybe I am just being cheap, I but dont feel like spending $28 on a bracelet. Super cute though!


  1. Yikes. $28 EACH??! That is a little rich for my blood, too.

  2. I agree...the price is too high, plus I'm unsure I'd wear the colors too.

  3. I think they are a cute idea, I hope they make them again in other colors. I think if it was in the right pattern I might even pay $28 bucks for one!


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