Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vera Bradley Signature Store - Columbia, MD

Guess where I went today?? The Vera Bradley Signature store in Columbia, MD. Yesterday I was going to meet up with some of my Vera friends and to go the VB store in Tysons, but I had to get up at 3:30am so that I could head out to work at Walk MS in DC. (It rained all day, but we still had a great event!) There were thunder storms in the afternoon and between that and getting up early I wasnt up for driving to Virginia. We will have to give that a try another time. Today the weather was much better and I need to make sure that I returned my Simply Violet Angle Tote before SV retires. Mission accomplished. Although, I wish I would have had a receipt for it, because the tax in CA is higher than MD, so I didnt get as much money back...oh well, it wasnt probably that big of a difference.

I also wanted to see Oh My Vera! readers Anna and Stephanie who work there, but neither of them were working today. So they will have to settle for a shout out! Hi Anna and Stephanie!

I didnt buy anything today. I kind of want a Vera Vera Convertible Tote in navy and they had one, but I decided to pass. I think that I want to buy a bike...yep you heard my right, I think that I want a bike so that I can use it to get around DC. My roommate and coworkers are bike, so it would be great to be able to join them. Plus I live a little ways away from the Metro and it would be great to be able to take my bike instead of having to plan my evenings around shuttle and bus times. So even though I have a credit at VB, I still think that I am going to wait to use it. I am in savings mode.

Check out my pictures below from today's trip to VB! I can't wait to go check out my other local VB in Tysons. Maybe we can plan something ahead of time and we can do some sort of meet up!

The store is kind of on a corner, so I walked across from it to get a good picture.
Here is another picture of the front of the store. The front door is just around to the right. They had great displays in the window.
This was one of the window displays. I'm still not a fan of the straw bags, but they did have a nice display for them. They are bright and fun, but I guess they just arent for me.
They had some of the City Look bags out of display. This collection I havent heard much about. They had it in the store, but they dont have it online, so I am still not clear of if it has been launched yet, but since it was in the store, I guess it was. It really is the perfect compliment to Watercolor.
When you walk into the store to the right they have some displays of newer style bags and to the left they have all of the shelves full of bags.
Blue Lagoon is a color that is growing on me. I really like it, but I dont know if it would go with anything that I wear. That is pretty much how I pick my colors, if it goes with what I wear, then it is in! Haha. At least for purses. I dont care as much for the totes and accessories.

The women were really friendly and helpful. My return was super easy and I am excited to use it when then Fall 2011 colors come out! I will definitely be back to the Columbia store! Plus it is in a really nice mall that had stores that I would normally shop in. Good find!

I can't believe that I went from living two and a half hours away from a Signature store to living within 45 minutes of 3 stores!!! I guess I was meant to be in DC :)


  1. I'm right down the street from the one at Tysons, the ladies there are so nice!! Is it easy to do returns? I have a couple things I bought in March, and just don't really care for so they never even left their bag, that I'd like to return.

  2. Returns are very easy. I didnt have the receipt or the tag, but they still made the return. The only problem might be if it is a bag or color that has retired since you purchased it, then you would get the current price.

  3. Thanks! I've got the receipt still, so I should be ok getting the price I paid for it. :) Good to know they'll let me!

  4. There is a time limit if you bought it a year ago and it has retired since, you still might get the sale price.

  5. You have to check out the store in Annapolis too. Its brand new!

  6. Sorry we missed you! Please stop back soon!


  7. @ Anna, are you guys hosting a VIP party next week?

  8. Oh man! I can't believe we both missed you! You must come in again!

    @ Alison, yes we are having a VIP event on Wednesday night and the All-Day celebration is Thursday. Maybe we'll see you at both?!

  9. I love the pictures posted for this blog entry!


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