Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Vera Bradley's Outlet sale in Ft. Wayne Indiana officially kicks off today. Yesterday was a family and friends day, but today people who purchased tickets ahead of time can start shopping! I havent dont a lot of information gathering because it makes me sad that I cant go :(

So check out the Vera Bradley website for more information: Click here

Here is a little news report that includes a video: Click here

Also make sure to check them out on facebook and twitter since they are posting pictures and updates through both of those! - hashtag #vbos for all outlet sale posts

If you make it to the outlet sale I would love to hear about the goodie you pick up! Leave a comment and let us know what you bought! (and prices)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hi Alison,
    I am headed to the outlet sale tomorrow. I will definitely follow up with what it was like and what good things I purchased. I am also hoping to tweet while I am there @colleenm_jones.

  2. Ill be there Thursday 3pm session. :)

  3. I'll be there Saturday. First time going, I'm really excited!

  4. Went yesterday and had a great time! The prices are a *little* higher than previous years, but it is totally worth going if you can make it to Ft. Wayne. I feel very fortunate to live so close to the action!

    The new ticketed sessions are awesome. I've gone on the first day's the last two years and never seen such a wonderful, restocked selection. I love my new reversible tote and frill messenger bag. Can't wait to go back on Sunday!!

  5. I went to the 11 am session on Thursday. I also though the prices were a bit high, but this was my first experience there. We did hear several other experienced shoppers that said the prices were higher than in the past.

    I got an Alice, Bowler and Julia with matching wallets, as well as some stationery things and spent about $215.

    We are making plans for next year and thinking about going during the open session times, but the ticketed times are nice. They are extremely organized. So even with a lot of people the lines move quickly and everyone is nice.

  6. It sounds like everyone had a great time and picked up a lot of stuff! I really want to try to make an effort to go next year. I think that it would be a lot of fun, even if I dont buy a lot of stuff, it would just be fun to experience.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  7. Thanks, Alison, for posting the tips! I went this year on Saturday and had a great time. Lines were VERY LONG at 11:30 -- they wrapped around the indoor exterior walkway of the arena area for two floors. The wait, though, was probably less than an hour and once it started moving, it went quickly. Lots of bathrooms, luckily. One of my friends can't walk very far, so it was difficult for her, but everybody else made it easily. Once inside, it was nicely organized. As suggested, I immediately went for the rolling A to Vera luggage and then filled it up! I'm putting on a bridal shower so I bet my guests will be thrilled at what I got for favors: Coasters (for 99 cents!) and wrapped Happy Hour Sets (coasters, cocktail napkins, place cards) for $1.99!! I'm debating whether to take off the original prices ... ; ) No one need worry -- they restock constantly and I'm sure that even the sunday folks had a lot to choose from!! Can't wait for next year!!!


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