Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vera Sighting

Major Vera Sighting - Lots of Call Me Coral
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  1. Hey fellow VB lover! I have not been blogging in awhile but i love Vera Bradley bags and I collect them...i want to take photos of them so i can post them on my blog but i love your posts! Keep it up!

    My favorite patterns are Boysenberry, Folkloric, Lemon Parfait, Very Berry Paisley, Raspberry Fizz, Viva La Vera, and Watercolor!
    <3 Hannah*

  2. I LOVEE this blog!! I wish I could have as many vera's as you!! My favorite part of this blog is the vera bradley sightings because it's practically a game for me! While in Disneyworld, my friend and I counted over 600 vera's (we stopped counted around 450) IT WAS CRAWLING WITH THEM!!


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