Monday, April 18, 2011

Vera Bradley Summer 2011 Frill!

If I post 3 times in one night, does that mean I get to take 2 days off? :) There just seems to be a lot to blog about today. Next up is the Summer 2011 Frill that is released this Thursday - April 21st! Some of you have been asking me questions about it and I havent really been able to answer them, but now we all have more information. Check out Inside Stitch for more information and a chance to win a new Frill bag!


  1. Well I usually love the frill, and this time is no exception as far as the shapes of the bags go but other than English Meadows I don't really like the colors at all. Guess that will help my money stay in my pocket!

  2. SOOO EXCITED THAT THE FRILL CAME OUT!! I was never a huggeee fan of deco daisy, but LOVED the houndstooth on the inside and wanted it to come out in frill (or jazzy clutch etc. something to expose the inside) AND HERE IT IS!! still deciding between keeping tabs wallet and ruffle wristlet


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