Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Yesterday I set up my Christmas tree and decorations! Last year I got an amazing deal on this fake tree. Only $35, the reviews were great, except for on that gave it low stars because they said it looked fake...well duh. I am pretty happy with my tree. Cover it with enough ornaments and no is going to pay attention to if it is real or not.

I loaded it up with all my ornaments...3 of which are Vera Bradley! I thought that I had purchased on last year after Christmas, but on review of my Christmas boxes, I didn't. I just bought them for my mom. But I do have Raspberry Fizz, Pinwheel Pink and Very Berry Paisley. Last year I did buy myself a Symphony in Hue Stocking! I love that stocking, they are so pretty. Allow me to suggest that they come out with tree skirts! Wouldnt that be great! That is on my list to buy, but I might just use a VB Beach Towel in the mean time.

My Christmas tree! You can see the stocking hanging off to the side.

Pinwheel Pink, with no flash because it washed out the Susan G Komen fairy.

Very Berry Paisley!

Raspberry Fizz

No Vera, but my cute mini tree. It kind of looks like a mess in this pic, haha, but cute in person.

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