Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes you need a Super Tote, sometimes you need a Boat Tote

I am ready for the progressive potluck at work today. I have everything all packed up. My department has appetizers. I made bacon wrapped bread sticks and spinach artichoke dip. I had a lot to pack up to bring to work, so I filled up my Super Tote with bowls, bread and crackers. The Boat Tote is getting some use today to carry my crock pot, dip and the bread sticks. I love my boat tote just as much as my Veras, it is so sturdy and good for heavy stuff. I have a medium size and a large one and they have my name on them...bonus!

Also the weather finally got cooler in San Diego. It was been 80 degrees all weekend, but it is cloudy today. Feels a lot more like winter now. I can't wait for Christmas!
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  1. Did you just say 80s?! Once again wondering why we chose family over moving to SoCal...

  2. Yes! It was sooo hot. I had to work the Charger game on Sunday and I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and khaki pants, wish I could have been in shorts!


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