Friday, December 17, 2010

I am a Vera mess today

Last night was my company holiday party. It was really nice...gorgeous hotel, delicious food and good company. Plus I love getting dressed up. I was dashing around all day, I worked in the morning at my full time job and had to leave early to work my part time job, and then leave that early to make it to my holiday party an hour late. Hopefully you followed all of that. I packed up all of my stuff in my Miller bag and I was set for the day and my two outfit changes.

I was going to just carry my Anastasia Villager but decided that since I was dressing up, I should take a dresser bag, so I dug out my microfiber clutch. It worked great because it fit in my Miller all day and then I grabbed it for the party.

Some of my co workers even noticed! Haha. They liked it, said it looked more modern and young, which I thought was funny, because to me microfiber looks like something for the older crowd, although I have been tempted to pick up a few more pieces.

So this morning I had some stuff left in my Villager and some in my clutch. I need to move it all to a Saddle Up because tonight I am going to the zoo for Jungle Bells. No time to swap out bags before I left for work, so I threw the Villager in the bottom of my Vera, dumped the clutch contents into the Villager then threw my mittens and Saddle Up on top. Only to head outside and see that it is sprinkling. Grabbed my Mod Floral Blue Umbrella, added it to the bag and dashed to work.

My Vera has never been so unorganized, haha. Hope your day is more organized than mine!
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