Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Arts and Crafts

Last Sunday I was up at my parents house and I had a lot to accomplish. I hosted a cookie exchange last night, so I need to bake cookies and had a few arts and crafts projects that I wanted to work on. One I found on Inside Stitch, the Vera Bradley Blog. They had a wreath that they made out of their wrapping paper. Chick here to see their wreath. I didnt have any Vera Bradley wrapping paper and no gift shops nearby are carrying it, so I made it out of Christmas scrapbooking paper. My mom and I each made one! I did have to add a little VB to it, so I used one of the white ribbons that they use to tie around packages as by bow. It turned out pretty cute. Maybe next year I will make the Vera Bradley version.

I also made a garland out of felt that was super easy. I cut circles out of felt and then sewed them all together. I used red, green and pink...it is pretty fun. I hung it over a mirror in my dining room.

I baked two batches of cookies as well. Almond Bonbons, which have almond paste in the middle of a cookie...super yummy and Almond-Coconut Macaroons...I think that these are my favs.

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