Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twitter and my own website!

So I am a little behind the times, but the blog is finally on Twitter! I don’t know what took me so long, but I am glad that I am finally on there. I thought about it a while back, but since I hadn’t used it before, I didn’t sign up. Well now you can all follow the blog on twitter at http://twitter.com/OhMyVera.

I also finally purchased OhMyVera.com! This is another thing that I almost did a while back, but was hesitant. I talked to my parents this weekend and decided to finally purchase it. Also a couple of blog readers encouraged me. So thanks everyone! You can now read the blog at www.ohmyvera.com so exciting! Although, I did read that it might take a few days for the link to work. It now works on all of the computers I have tried, so I am guessing it will work for you too!


  1. what does it mean when you said you purchased the blog? I have never heard of that. What are the advantages? thanks

  2. You can have your blog hosted on a website like blogger which is what I was using before. That is why my web address had .blogspot.com in it. I decided to purchase ohmyvera.com so that I would have to have the .blogspot.com included. Plus now I own that domain. If the website ever got so popular that someone wanted to buy it, I would be able to sell it.


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