Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Count the Vera

So whenever I go on vacation with my friend Melissa she always makes me count how many pieces of Vera Bradley I have with me. Everything counts from tote bags to luggage tags. So when we all got together last week Melissa had me count it all.

There are 19 in the photo, but I forgot to take my Raspberry Fizz ipod cover out of my purse. Plus this doesnt count my new purchases. S0 that means I had 20 Vera Bradley things with me! I am still not counting the new items, because they didnt travel with me up there.

In the pic: Raspberry Fizz PJ Shorts, Night and Day Angle Tote, Hope Garden Luggage Tag, Poppy Fields Charmed Pouch, Mod Floral Blue Card Holder, Simply Violet Flapper Wristlet, Raspberry Fizz Tech Case, Cupcakes Green Turnlock Wallet, Poppy Fields Quickstep Wallet, Microfiber Clutch, Purple Punch Sunglasses and Black Nylon Case, Seaside Cosmetic, Pink Pansy Jewelry Case, Botanica Jewelry Roll, Loves Me Ditty, Cupcakes Pink Lotion Bag, Cupcakes Green Large Tic Tac Tote, Riviera Blue Smal Bow Cosmetic, Raspberry Fizz Large Cosmetic.


  1. Can you list all those pieces for me please? I'm just curious

  2. Looks like a recent trip I went on! I didn't have quite that many though!


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