Tuesday, July 6, 2010

QVC - Thursday, July 8th

Vera Bradley is going to be on QVC again to launch the new Fall colors. It is a lot of fun to watch because you get to see someone from Vera Bradley describe the bags and show off all of the features. If you cant get to the store, this is probably the next best thing.

They also usually have great pricing. Sometimes they pair items together and give a discount. QVC is definitely worth checking out because you might be able to save a few bucks.

On the west coast the shows are airing at 3am and 1pm. 3am, is a little early, but I am tempted to get up an watch it. And I will be at work for the 1pm. I set my DVR to tape both. My other option is to get up an hour early and watch the 3am episode around 6am before I go to work. That is probably what I will do. I know sometimes stuff sells out, but I wonder if it will sell out that early in the morning. I have never ordered anything when the offer it the first time around anyways. I have always waited for QVC's clearance pricing.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hi Alison! I love your blog - someone that loves Vera just as much as I do (I didn't think it was possible!) and a fellow scrapbooker too! I don't see a blogroll here, but if you would like to exchange links, I would love to refer my visitors to your site. My blog is at http://discountfabrichandbags.com/blog/.

  2. Thanks Dawn! Your blog is great! Thanks for sharing. I just added a blogroll to my page, what a great idea.

    I am just ohmyvera.blogspot.com. Thanks!

  3. You can always check their website later; QVC is awesome about posting clips. I checked there for Vera, watched the demos, and ordered two styles they showed (off the VB site-- QVC carries limited patterns and my favs are retired).

  4. Hi Alison - I'm back! Thanks for adding my site! I added your blog to my site - it's over on the left side under "Sites to See".

    I am going to have to take Rebecca's advice and see if they have the clips online. I had set up our TIVO to record the QVC event, but as luck would have it, we had a storm roll through and knock out power. I missed the whole thing!


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