Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Do Lunch!

Let's Do Lunch! From July 22 - 26, receive a Let's Do Lunch bag in a selection of new and existing colors for only $20 (regular price $28).

I dont have a Let's Do Lunch...I rarely take my lunch anymore, which I probaby need to start doing again. I do have the old lunch bag and the cooler. I love the cooler.


  1. Is that only at select stores? I haven't gotten that postcard and I do have a $10 bounce back card from shopping on the new color release date. That would make it only 10 bucks if they'll offer the promo price at my Sig store. May have to call them and check the dates my card is good for.

  2. The card doesnt say where you can use it at, I would guess Signature Stores. I got it from the Signature Store when I was there checking out the new Fall stuff.

    I also got the $10 card! I am going to see if I can use it on August 4th when they have 20% off items from 6pm to close! I really want to get a good deal on a baby bag for my friend.


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