Monday, July 5, 2010

Overspend Much?

Have you ever noticed that you are willing to pay more for something just because Vera Bradley made it? This happens to me, mostly with accessories. For example, last time I called the Signature Store to buy a Hipster I asked if they had water bottles still. She told me that they did and they were $25. I said I would take one. Well then I got it and I had a what was I thinking moment. $25 for a watter bottle? If I was at WalMart or Target I would probably even think $10 was too much.

I am still tempted to buy a yoga mat, but just can't rationalize paying so much for it.

Oh well, this is going to work out to my advantage. I have decided to return my water bottle, so that is $25 I can spend on the new collection. My boss also was going to give me a gift card for a project that I had worked on. I still didnt get it, so I asked if I could just take care of it and buy the gift card and expense it. I even told her it was for Vera Bradley :) So of course she said yes. Now I am up to $50 to spend on the Fall Collection. This just keeps getting better and better.

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  1. I just bought a yoga mat and a water bottle for half/price. Watch the sales! I can justify half price --- can't you. : )


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