Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fall 2010 Preview

One of the stores in San Diego is having a Fall preview on July 8th...well not much of a preview since that is the day the new colors are released...haha. I can't make it anyways because I have softball that night and then I get on a plane to Sacramento. I will be at the Roseville Signature Store first thing on July 9th! I am so excited.

If by chance you are in San Diego here are the details for the Gardner's Cottage. PLUS they emailed a few photos!!!

Vera Bradley Fall 2010 Preview at the Gardener’s Cottage

Be Colorful for one enchanted evening at The Gardner’s Cottage as we gather to celebrate the Fall Vera Bradley release!

Please join us July 8, Thursday, from 5-8pm as we reveal the exciting new patterns for Fall 2010. Refreshments and snacks will be served!

A prize for the most colorful outfit will be awarded! Remember to live your live in color!

Hello Dahlia!

Slate Blooms
Side by Side - Thanks for the name Terisa!


  1. Ooooh the side by side looks neat! :) I wonder how big it is in comparison to another bag that's already out...zipper closure? Which pattern are you going to get first? :)

  2. Yeah, I like it! This was the first time I saw it! I have no info about it.

    I am not sure. I dont think that I like Barcelona and the Very Berry is too much like all my other pink bags. So I would guess I will probably get a Hello Dahlia!


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