Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today is the Day! Fall 2010!

The day is finally here! The Fall 2010 colors and styles are out today!

They are on already! I am not going to see them until tomorrow because I have so much going on today! I'm about to run out of the door to the dentist, then I head straight to work. After work I have softball and then I get on a plane to Sacramento! Tomorrow morning I am going to Signature Store in Roseville (Sacramento) and I can't wait!!!

Oh, by the way, I am watching the QVC Vera Bradley segment that I taped from 3am. I am getting excited, I think that I might want a Side by Side. I am trying to hold of on deciding until I see everything in person.

If you pick anything up today and you want to share it with everyone you can post it in the photos/fan photos section of my Vera Bradley fan page! I am excited to see what everyone gets!

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  1. I thought I might want a side by side too, but I ended up with the Saddle Me up in VBP. I LOVE it!!! Thanks for suggesting it, I had never really looked at that style before and didn't realize you could wear it across the body. I had to switch out of my Puccini backpack immediately and carry the new one.


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