Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vera Bradley's Birthday Party

So much to talk about today...I probably should save something for tomorrow.
First off thank you for your comments on the blog and facebook about me losing my sunglasses. I was pretty bummed. It helped that I purchased them on sale. I put a pair of Lucille Totally Turq glasses on my wish list. I have a pair of Pinwheel Pink sunglasses to hold me over until then.

So yesterday and Tuesday were the Vera Bradley 101st birthday parties! The one on August 3rd was the VIP event. I used to get the VIP invites from San Francisco because I purchased all of my bags from them, but now I buy from all over and just get the general invite :( Oh well, I live too far away to go to a party anyways and the chances of me being it town for one of the parties is slim to none.

My friend Amber went to the party in Roseville last night to purchase a Baby Bag! My friend Sophia doesnt have any Vera Bradley, she is one of the last ones to cave in and get a Vera Bradley bag. She is letting us get her a Vera Bradley Baby Bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. So Amber and I are splitting the bag and we got a pretty good deal on it! We got a $10 off from when we purchased purses last month when the new colors were released. So we saved it for yesterday because we knew we could get a item at 20% off after 6pm. Insert big smilie face here -> :) HAHA They even put it in a box and tied a bow around it for us! Vera Bradley has the best customer service of any company I have ever purchased from! I just can't get over how amazing they are! And to top it off, they were giving away mini coin purses and they gave Amber two of them since I couldnt be there and we were splitting the gift. Isnt that sweet?!

Amber also took a bunch of pictures, so check it out! I love the "Did you know?" signs that they had up around the store! What a fun idea!

So I couldnt wait and last night I posted about the Vera Vera bags being online! I am excited about those! I love the stitching on them! I wonder if the Wildwood Park bags will have the same pattern.

My friend Sophia...mentioned earlier...went on a trip to Jamaica! She said she saw a ton of Vera and even was able to snap a few photos...I will save those for tomorrow.

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  1. Just wanted to say, that I just love your blog. Vera Bradley is one of my most favorite things. Your blog made me wonder just how many Vera Items I own, I put them all in a big pile and realized I have more vera items then I thought, 76 all together not including some place mats plates and mugs. It made me realized I to have a Vera obsession but thats okay! Any way as I said love the blog and I can't wait to read all your post! :)


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