Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Totally Turq for Mom's Birthday

Last week while we were on our road trip we celebrated my Mom's birthday! My sister thought it would be fun to get my mom an apron in Totally Turq since turquoise is her favorite color. I was surprised because Erin only kind of likes Vera Bradley. Well, she loved it! So good choice Erin!

On Sunday I went with my sister and Dad to meet up with our cousin and her family to go shooting. It was our first time shooting a shot gun. We had a great time! My shoulder is a little sore though. Well when we got back to our parents house my mom was making us dinner! So we took a picture of her in her new apron! She made swiss steak and it was delicious! My parents are great cooks, it almost makes me want to move back home.

Thanks to Linda S.K. and Amber F. for making a donation yesterday and entering my raffle! If you want to enter check out this page:

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  1. Today I went to a reunion of nurses from the old days. I took some old pictures with me in a Vera Bradley photo album with the Yellow Bird material on the outside. Two of the ladies asked me what the quilted material was. One of them had never heard of Vera Bradley. Now she knows.


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