Monday, August 9, 2010

Vera Bradley Rolling Backpack

Some of you are probably wondering whats up with the title because there is no such thing as a Vera Bradley Rolling Backpack...well this is the post I saw on craigslist last night and believe me I was excited! I knew there was no such thing as a rolling backpack and what I just found was a suitcase for $40!!!! The Vera Bradley Super Lite Carry On retails for $200! This one is listed as barely used, lots of storage. I am picking it up tonight and I hope that it is in good condition! It is only 19x13x8. So if this one is in good shape $40 for it is such an amazing deal.

I really don't need another suitcase though. I have my big red one and I have a smaller carry on Padres suitcase that I got free from work. I rarely use the carry on size suitcase...I tend to over pack. So I called my mom and she would like a small suitcase with wheels to use as a carry on, so this will be perfect. Plus she likes Java Blue and already has a purse in that color. I am not too fond of Java Blue. I think that it because I don't really care for brown.

I am picking it up tonight after work and I will add a photo of it! I love craigslist!

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