Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Matchy Matchy

So normally my purse and gym bag don't match. I take my Night Owl Miller bag to the gym and sometimes use it for a change of clothes for after work. I don't really have a lot of purses that match or coordinate with Night Owl. Today I am carrying my Simply Violet Angle Tote and that doesn't go. Last week I carried my Cupcakes Green Tic Tac Tote and I kind of liked the way they looked together! Maybe because they are both bright bold colors. I took a picture of them together. I should see what else coordinates in my closet.

If I thought that I was going to live in my place a lot longer I think that I would put a few hooks in my hallway and use my bags as decoration! I could hang a tote bag in the back and then a purse in front of it. Plus maybe I would be more likely to swap them out more if they were super easy to get too and not stuffed in the closet.


  1. I like the idea of hanging them! I've decided I'm going to have to switch out my school bag weekly so I can use all of the ones I have!

  2. I try to coordinate with my outfits but it's hard sometimes, especially when you find a purse you just love (like my VBP Angle Tote!). I also love my SB Stephanie so i've been actually buying clothes to match the purses!!!! HAHA! I love that the green and purple sort of match and I love the idea of hanging them as decoration!

  3. I like to let mine "breath", that's what I call it so Brad won't think I just didn't pick them up and put them away! LOL, which is it of course. But seriously, I do like them hanging up on our hooks by the kitchen. They add a punch of color and Godmother and Aunt were all exclaiming over how cute they all looked when they came over for ER's fourth birthday party. While they're not helping me organize I do switch bags a lot more because they're so close to where I get ready.


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