Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vera Bradley - Provencal, Portobello Road & Canyon Release

On Thursday, August 30th Provencal, Portobello Road and Canyon were released as the second part of the Fall 2012 collection, along with Vera Vera the microfiber collection.  I went to the Vera Bradley store as a guest of my friend Lisa for a morning release party.  It was great to be able to head to the mall before it opened and get some shopping in! I was excited to see the new colors and styles. 

I love these cookies! They are my fav! They had cookies and water out for the party.  

Great display of Portobello Road and Vera Vera in wine. 


OhMyVera reader Ashley, Lisa and Me

Me being indecisive...The Vera Vera Frame Bag is definitely on my wish list!  I thought that I wanted a Mailbag, but decided it was too boxy for me, so I tried the new Saddle Up and it was just what I was looking for.  I wanted something a little bigger than a Hipster.  They didnt receive any in Provencal, so they had one shipped to me and it should arrive this week! 

We each got a goodie bag with a $20 coupon, nail file and hand lotion! 

 My afternoon snack! 

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  1. How fun! I can't wait until the Vera Bradley Store opens near me!

  2. How fun! I love going to their parties. They sure make them the best. I wonder why I didn't get an invitation in the mail. Do you know if they were only doing the party at certain stores? Thanks. :)

    1. I dont think that they did parties at all of the stores for this release. I heard the store that I shop at just decided to host a morning party so women could come in early and shop.

  3. They also had doughnuts at our store in Allen... and we got tiny coin purses with purchase.. and we bought totes so we got a free make-up bag, plus $20 off a $75 purchase! I love being a Vera VIP... got a Vera in Provencale!

  4. What makes you gals "Vera VIP's?" We don't have a store here in Vegas yet, but when we do I wanna be prepared and get on any special lists possible. By the way, thanks for your blog. I adore it. By far the best of the few VB blogs I've found. The only one I read, and that goes for your facebook page too.

    ~Kate Holt (on facebook)

    1. Each store I think decides who they want to invite to their parties...mostly based on women who make large purchases.


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