Friday, September 7, 2012

From My Readers Friday - Chain Lanyard Necklace

Check out this great necklace idea from OhMyVera! reader Jen!  She uses a Chain Lanyard as a necklace and it is so cute!  It is such a great use for the lanyard.  I have also heard of women using the Chain Lanyard with a Wristlet to make a mini chain bag.  So many uses!  Thanks for sharing Jen!

I also got some great photos from readers from last weeks release day! 

Check out these two from April...I love that Provencal display!

 And here is April with women who owns her local retailer. 

Here is a photo of Tracy with her new purchases, 
her retailer even posted the photo of their Facebook page! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing the chain lanyard as a necklace idea! I purchased one in baroque today for that purpose after seeing it on your blog. So cute with a white shirt! (plus lots of other colors too)


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