Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Count The Vera! San Francisco Weekend Trip

I went to San Francisco last weekend to visit a bunch of friends from college.  My friend Melissa loves to play a little game she calls "Count the Vera" where she and anyone who is there guesses how many Vera Bradley items I brought and then I lay it all out and count it up. Considering all I had was my Large Duffel and a purse, I was kind of surprised to realize that I had 20 items with me!  I had 20 last time too.  Melissa guessed something over 30 and then switched to 27, Christine won, she guessed 20.

Night Owl Wristlet, Cupcakes Green Turn Lock Wallet, Paprika Card Holder, Raspberry Fizz Zip ID Case, Pinwheel Pink Ditty Bag, Riviera Blue Small Bow Cosmetic, Twirly Bird Pink Button Up Coin, Mocha Rouge Button Up Coin, Raspberry Fizz Large Cosmetic, Black Microfiber Clutch, Blue Lagoon Clear Travel Cosmetic, Poppy Fields Tech Case, Totally Turq Sunglasses, Black Nylon Sunglasses Case, Pink Pansy Jewelry Case, Raspberry Fizz Tech Case, Folkloric Card Case, Market Bags, Loves Me Ditty Bag, Versailles Large Duffel. 

Just me and my Vera :) 


  1. I do this on my vacations! It's a great excuse to use all the Vera we have! :)

  2. Have you ever counted how much Vera you own, total? I'm so OCD I made a spreadsheet of it by color, and I was quite surprised when I added it up. Definitely makes me reconsider buying more every time I'm in one of the stores and think I "need" another piece, haha.

    1. I did once: and I can honestly say that I will probably never do it ever again.

    2. I don't blame you, after Anonymous McJudgmental had to leave a bit of bat guano.

      Honestly, if you use it all, how can it be excessive?

    3. I agree, I use it all and I havent gone into debt to pay for any of it. Everyone has the right to spend their money the way they want and if I want to buy Vera, then I will buy Vera. Oh well, what can you do?

  3. Why the two ditty bags? And two tech cases? Just curious :)

    1. I use them to carry different things, so I needed more than one of each. I have 4 ditty bags and sometimes all 4 make the trip.

  4. Emily, ditty bags are great for putting dirty laundry in. I make sure I pack at least one.
    Natalie, I had a spreadsheet at one time and lost it when my computer crashed. I really should do another one but I am afraid to see how much crap I really have

    Alison, I got back from NC last night and didn't realize how much Vera I brought with me:

    IB wristlet
    IB sweet pleat tote
    DeDa grand travler
    JB roller
    DeDa GCA
    SIAT sunglass case
    DeDa lizzy
    FN lanyard
    Microfiber black laptop sleeve
    let me check blue lagoon
    PE pocket papers
    SB pocket papers
    TBP mints
    DeDa clip zip ID
    baroque mini zip
    JB purse cosmetic
    DeDa pocket cosmetic
    DeDa trip kit
    Boysenberry clear cosmetic
    (there might be other pieces, but I haven't unpacked yet--don't judge, LOL)

    1. Glad I am not the only one who carries a lot of Vera on trips! Thanks for sharing your list!


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