Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mocha Rouge iPhone Case...Kind of.

My friend Melissa pulled her phone out and I thought she had a Vera Bradley case for a second!  This is so close to Mocha Rouge...I wish I could find one for my iPhone! Not sure where she got it...if you find one, you let me know! 


  1. The case is from Uncommon :) They make great stuff! Here is the link to the design

  2. I made my own with the computer backing paper. It works great over the plain case I already have! I always get asked where I got it by fellow Vera's a great thing to have until they come out with cases of their own!

    1. I have some of the laptop cover left over that I could use, but I havent found a clear case I think if protective enough. I really wish that VB would come out with covers!

    2. I used the INCASE cover that I got (it's purple) when I got my iPhone. It protects really well and the background sticks to it really well!


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