Monday, February 20, 2012

Vera Bradley on ideeli Today!

Vera Bradley will be in ideeli today starting at Noon, EST.  

They are going to have the following:
Gabby $29.99 ($36 VB)
Alice $39.99 ($55 VB)
Mini-Hispter $29.99 ($35 VB)
Kiss and Make Up $19.99 ($22 VB)
One for the Money $14.99 ($20 VB)
Wine Bottle Holder "Cheers to You" $14.99 ($19 VB)
A to Vera (Venue, Tour Date & Super Star) $29.99-$49.99

They have Blue Lagoon, Buttercup, Deco Daisy, Symphony in Hue, Barcelona, Night & Day, Plum Petals, Rhythm & Blues, and Suzani. 

They are all posted now so that you can check it out before the boutique starts.

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