Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vera Tote

I love my Vera tote! It was one of my first Vera Bradley bags.  It also works perfect for carrying around two Creative Memories Photo Albums! Two things that I love :) 


  1. I love my Vera as well! It wasn't my first VB bag either, but it is the one I use most often. It's a great size for work, just big enough to carry everything I need. And it's in Night Owl, so I get to be whimsical, too. Veras are also popular at the local high school. It seems like all the girls tote their school stuff in them.

  2. Creative Memories rocks!! I'm a consultant, and I would LOVE to see some VB organizers, albums, and paper/sticker kits. I've put in several suggestions on VB and the CM consultant website that they should partner. They did it with Nancy O'Dell and Cricut, why not VB?
    Loving your blog!
    Amie Garcia


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