Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vera Bradley Winter 2011 Release - Giveaways and Gift with Purchase

Vera Bradley Winter 2011 releases tomorrow - September 22! 

Get ready for Suzani, Rhythm & Blues, Floral Nightingale and Tea Garden. 

There will be daily in-store giveaways. 

Thursday, Sept 22 - Mandy, Art Calendar, Loop Keychain
Friday, Sept 23 - Squared Away & Snappy Wallet
Saturday, Sept 24 - Perfect Pocket Tote, Good Book Cover and Clip Zip ID
Sunday, Sept 25 - Little Mandy and Hatbox Cosmetic
Monday, Sept 26 - Tote, Tech Organizer and Tech Decals
Grand Prize - Get Carried Away Tote, Accordion Wallet, Umbrella, Ditty Bag and Photo Frame

Also from September 22 - October 4 you can choose your gift when you spend $75.  You can choose from a Tech Case, Medium Cosmetic or Photo Book.


  1. Alison,

    Got any scoop as to why Frill is going away?!?!
    Do you know of the special collections for the new winter colors?

  2. Frill is going away??? Seriously? That is ok, though.....I don't like ANY of the new colors. I don't like the styles, either! I will stick with my Lizzy in Mocha Rouge.

  3. Wait, tech organizer as in the old one in Folkloric, etc? I don't think Vera Bradley was that creative this season with the products and designs. I am actually not liking any of the winter, spring, OR summer colors that are coming out..........what happened, Vera Bradley?

  4. I am so excited. I picked up a pleated tote in floral nightingale. I also got the tech case in fn for my free gift.


  5. Frill is not going will be released Oct 6.

  6. I TOTALLY agree that Vera Bradley is losing their signature touch! Something about the new colors just don't say classic "vera" to me! I think they're just cranking out too many too fast!

  7. I think Suzani is one of the most beautiful patterns they have ever had - a neutral (the black and beige) with some punch of color. I tend to only carry solid colors in handbags but love the VB accessories but got a Frannie, E reader sleeve, tech case & zip ID all in Suzani. Also have the Lizzy in Baroque (also one of my most favorite patterns).

  8. I do agree about ssuzani :)
    -Gen K


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