Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vera Sighting - New Girl

Home sick and catching up on this weeks episode of New Girl. Happy Snails and Safari Sunset Duffels. Thanks for the heads up from some of my readers.
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  1. Also a Happy Snails bookbag on Parenthood recently!

  2. I need your help :(. I have a let's do lunch bag and it's starting to get dirty. Is it okay to wash in the machine??

  3. Omg Alison! I saw that episode and took the same photo to send to you for your VB tv sightings, but it was fuzzy too so I didn't. Haha that's so funny. As always I love your blog.

    Lauren. :0)

  4. Melanie,
    Do not put the LDL in the washer! The plastic lining will rip. I would just totally immerse in water with laundry detergent and handwash.
    Good luck,

  5. Melanie,

    If you have any questions about the care and washing of any of your Vera Bradley items, call their customer service number. They will tell you how to wash items, what kind of detergent to use, and other care tips.

  6. I was watching it with my husband and he had to tell me to be quiet. "Look she's got her Vera Bradleys. It doesn't look like she put any clothes in them. But I'm glad she got them back! Wait she has two duffels? Both in the new fall colors? Well that's stupid. It might make sense if one of them was an older color, but at least she got them back."


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