Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vera Bradley Outlet - Leesburg, VA

Sunday I had some free time on my hands so I decided to head out to the Vera Bradley Outlet in Leesburg, VA. I had a coupon for $20 off a purchase of $65 or more, so that was some extra motivation to drive out there. My Garmin said that it would take about 40 minutes, but it took me about an hour. That is one thing about living in the DC area...it takes longer to get everywhere! In California I would always beat the time that google maps would tell me, but here I have to add time on to my trip.

It was totally worth it though! The store had 20% off all bags and totes! Bonus! I picked up some great stuff! I bought a Pleated Tote for my friend Amber as a thank you for driving across country with me! She knows this is coming because I called her to ask what color she wanted :) I really wanted another Hipster to wear around DC this summer when I go check stuff out, so I got one in a color that I think is perfect for summer - Hope Garden. I didnt have a bag in that color yet, so I was pretty happy. The next bag I got kind of surprised me, first because I dont really care for Sittin' in a Tree and second because I assumed that these were sold out - Boardwalk Handheld. It was a limited edition collection made with the Sittin' in a Tree print. The bag is a canvas and has the inside print printed on the outside. It has a nice leather handle and the bag has a sheen to it. I love it! Plus it was on clearance for $16.99 (org. $55). Then I walked past the Audrey bags and I had to pick up one for a special little someone! :) I also picked up two Pocket Papers. And somehow I forgot to take a picture of my Paprika Lanyard. I got it to wear to the Bike MS event we have coming up at work next month.

So let me just tell you what a great deal that I got at the outlet! I added up how much my stuff would have normally retailed for and it came to $245! Yikes. But I only paid $104! And that counts the tax that I paid! What an amazing deal, I love a good deal! So I saved 58% off of the retail price. Oh happy day!

I have to tell you the women were so friendly and helpful this time around! The first time they didnt seem that interested in me and Amber, but this time I was greeted when I walked in and when I asked where the Pleated Totes were the woman had another woman show me where they were. When my hands got full and I was trying to talk to my mom or Amber on the phone one of them swooped in with a shopping bag for me to load everything up in. Also I really wanted that Paprika lanyard and they helped me dig through the pile looking for one. When we couldnt find one someone found me one from the back. I had a great time shopping there...I just wish that it was closer! Although, I cant really complain about it being an hour away. Plus it is a really nice drive through the country roads.

Check out my pictures of my purchases...I forgot to take pictures at the store...oops!

Outlet!!! Woo Hoo!
All the new bags! Except my lanyard which I forgot to take out of the bag.
The Boardwalk Handheld! I love it!
The back of the bag has a zipper.
The inside is lined with the print that is normally on the outside.
My new Hipster! I picked this one because it had 3 big pink flowers on the front :)
Super Cute little Audrey bag!


  1. I like those hipster bags for travel. Good to carry a wallet, camera and misc little things.

  2. I also had the $20 off coupon on Sunday. My purchases retail would have cost me $303 before tax and I only paid $147 including tax!!!

    Got tons of good things!
    "Betsy" - Mediterranean White
    "Maggie" - Symphony in Hue
    Small Duffel - Bali Blue
    Jewelry Box - Bali Blue
    Lets do Lunch - Sittin' in a Tree
    Angle Tote - Hope Garden

  3. What great buys! I have yet to go out there to the Outlet mainly because hubby and kids wouldn't be too thrilled. Do they sell luggage there?

  4. The Boardwalk Handheld bag looks fab! It definitely could be used for everyday or formal occasions! : ) Nice choice!

  5. What great deals! The hipster is probably my favorite bag, very practical and fashionable for a mama on the go. I wished I lived close to an outlet (though my husband would be relieved that I don't)! I'm hoping to go to the signature store in Atlanta this weekend! Cross your fingers!

  6. @Heather - That is great stuff! I am loving shopping at the outlet and not having to pay full price!

    @KAS Yes they did have luggage, but I didnt really pay attention to it because I wasnt shopping for any. You could always call to see what luggage they are carrying. I saw some in Night & Day, but I dont know what styles they were. I think that they were the carry on size.

    @ Kristin, I hope you get to go this weekend!

  7. I can't wait until the Vera outlet in Limerick, PA opens on June 10th!! I hope to get as great a deal as you did! I do need to get some more things in Hope Garden for me and Sittin in a Tree for my sister. I'm really glad they are FINALLY opening an outlet in PA - the closest sig store is all the way in NJ...a couple hours drive for me - hmm, would I drive two hours to go to an outlet or a sig store...not a tough decision for me! :D


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