Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vera Sighting - Modern Family

Vera Sighting on Modern Family! Thanks Jocelyn for email it to me since I havent had time to watch Modern Family in a few weeks. Lily is all wrapped up in a Hope Garden Beach Towel...but we have seen that towel before! Click here to see Manny in the pool with the Hope Garden Towel. They love VB on the set of Modern Family. They have had bags hanging in the background and a Weekender as a baby bag.


  1. There was another VB sighting in the same episode about 5 minutes when the two girls were in their bedroom arguing. I think the pattern is Purple Punch.

  2. In the Christmas episode two nights ago they were at the pool and each one of them had a different vera bradley towel, three of which were in the up coming spring 2012 patterns!(Ellie Blue, Island Blooms and Camellia.) Mitchel also had a bag in boysenberry which I think was the tote.


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