Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vera Bradley Holiday Tote

From the postcard:
One day only: November 26
Vera Bradley Holiday Tote

Enjoy holiday shopping at Vera Bradley stores on Friday, November 26th and this Holiday Tote in new Baroque (a $48 value) is yours with a Vera Bradley purchase of $100 or more.
(While quantities last. See a store associate for complete details)

What a cute tote! I love how the handle attaches to the bag with the silver hardware. I hope that this one has pockets inside, because last years didn't and everything would get jumbled up in my bag. That is pretty much the reason I sold it.

I have been pretty good with my purchases lately and haven't been buying too much, so I don't know if I would even be able to spend that much. But I don't really have to worry about it since I don't live near a Vera Bradley store and I will be in San Diego for Thanksgiving. Someone who buys one will have to let me know if it has pockets inside.
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  1. I love that it's in Baroque, on of my two all time favorite patterns but I already have it on an Alice and it's pretty big so anytime I'd carry the holiday bag, I'd probably bring the Alice. So I know know if I'll be doing this one. I will probably be at the mall with Vera Bradley though, so if I'm able I'll pop in and see if I can find out if it has pockets.

    BTW, did you also get a Christmas gift from VB? I got a $20 gift card to use at the store or online! I've never gotten one before, and am wondering if that's something new. I am super excited! I may get my daughter a new mini hipster, which are kinda pricey for a four year old but she loves hers in Med. Blue. She's been asking for a VBP one so she can match mama:)

  2. I was able to see one of the bags. They do not have pockets.

  3. Katie - I didnt get a Christmas gift, what a bummer. Glad you got one though! That would be super cute if you guys had matching bags!

    apinkchicklet - Thanks for letting us know!


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