Friday, November 12, 2010

Craigslist FAIL

So I was super excited to to go Stockton to visit my friend Sophia who was pregnant...was...because she had her baby today!!! Congrats to Danny and Sophia who welcomed baby Teiko into the world today! I hope that I get to meet her on Sunday before I leave town.
The other reason that I was excited to go to Stockton was because I found my dream bag on craigslist. I found a Pink Pansy Villager! I love Pink Pansy and I love the old style Villager (cant stand the new one). But in addition to that, they were also selling a Katherine Villager with a Coin Purse. They wanted $75 for the whole set, but said if I bought it all that I could have it for $55. I guess the whole time I had a feeling it would fall through, but I was really hoping that it would happen. They told me to call on Thursday morning to figure out a time to pick up the bags, so gave them a call and the phone was disconnected! I got the message from the phone company that I had reached a number that had been disconnected or was no longer in service...major bummer. Plus I was having problems with email on my blackberry, so was Amber...neither of us had email service. So I called my mom and had her log into my email at home and she emailed them to see if they could call me since my email wasnt working and I couldnt call them. I never got a phone call or an email. I wonder if they sold them to someone else for more money or something. I really, really want them still. I might be back in Stockton on Sunday, so it would be great to hear from them so that I could buy them. Oh well. It was too good to be true.

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