Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you have a Petite Paddy hiding in your closet??

Oh my goodness! How did I never notice this before?? I own a Paddy bag! I thought that I had Little Betsy bags, but nope, one is a Petite Paddy. I had seen Paddy’s listed on ebay before, but never paid attention to them, until this weekend. My Pink Pansy bag is a Petite Paddy! They are so close to the Betsy’s! I always thought that it was weird that my Pink Pansy bag seemed wider at the top than my Katherine bag. Well not only is it wider at the top, it is a little taller and the straps wrap all the way down and under the bag, also the straps are a little thicker. It seems so obvious now! I bought them both on ebay at different times and they were listed at Little Betsy purses. I never really compared them before. Well now I know! I really can’t believe it! Sorry for all the exclamation points, haha.

Pink Pansy Petite Paddy. It looks lopsided, but it isnt. The top is wider than a Betsy, the zipper is plastic, the straps are thicker and they wrap around the bottom of the purse and it is a little taller.

Little Betsy is a rectangle, has thinner straps and the straps stop at the bottom.
Here is a picture so that you can see that the pink one is bigger. Crazy! I seriously have had these bags the longest, so I cant believe I am just now figuring this out.


  1. Haha, I did the same exact thing. Turns out I have a petite paddy in Blue Toile!

  2. Same here, I've gotten a large paddy in (retired) watercolor on eBay with a bunch of other Vera Bradley Bags. first I thought it was a Betsy, till i opened it... very large bag to put more stuff in.


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