Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vera Bradley at the Delta Gamma Convention

So yesterday I mentioned that Alissa's friend Tiffany just got into Vera Bradley and that she has even more pieces than Alissa. Well, last weekend Tiffany went to the Delta Gamma convention in Denver and took a TON of pictures! This isn't even all of them! Thanks for emailing them to me! Alissa goes to the Tri Delta convention in Orlando at the end of the month. I wish I was going, but I have to work. I am sure she will have a lot of photos too.

I love the ones of the people who have more than one. I also love the Loves Me photo where the woman has it in between a wall and chair so that it isn't on the ground, that is so me! The Texas shirt made out of Vera material really makes me want to get a set of letters in a Vera print! Which one would I choose though, that would be the tough part.

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