Monday, June 14, 2010


Soooo, I had a fun find on craigslist on Friday! I found a listing for a Vera Bradley Rooster bag. I thought no way! So I clicked on the link and sure enough it was a Chanticleer Petite Villager! I was so excited, so I emailed the woman who made the post to see if the bag was still available. She called a few hours later to let me know it was available, so I said I would take it! The only problem was that it was in Fallbrook, which is about an hour away from where I work. Yesterday I got off work at 2:00pm and my only plan that night was to go to my parents house for dinner, so I just took a small detour to pick up the purse.

She listed it as like new, but it does have a small spot that is worn at the end of the zipper, no big deal though. She probably washed it once or twice, but other than that it is in great condition!

I am so excited about this bag! When I got to my parents house my Mom told me that I didn’t need another bag and that I should stop buying them unless I sell one. My sister saw it and thought that it was amazing. My dad didn’t believe me when I said it had roosters and eggs on it, he said no, it must be chickens. Nope, roosters. I also told my mom that now I feel like a real collector because I have a Chanticleer bag. Then she asked me when I started calling myself a collector. Well I guess once you have over 100 you can call yourself a collector, right?

The petite villager is a little on the small side, but I am going to give it a try today and see how it goes. My coworkers are going to think that I am crazy.


  1. My grandmother still carries this bag, it is in beautiful condition, she's had it for years

  2. Such a beautiful bag. Just 2 weeks ago- mine, that was only carried a couple times, and never washed, was accidentally taken to Goodwill with a stack of other Vera's that were supposed to be placed in a plastic container and moved to a different closet. Instead they were put into the "Goodwill" black bags. Went to Goodwill to see if they could track it down. They are sending out a e-mail to the managers to be on the look out for it. So sad!!! Thanks for the memories :)


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