Monday, June 28, 2010

ebay stuff sold!

I came back from my scrapbooking retreat to find that my Vera Bradley items sold on ebay! My Hope Garden Taxi Wallet sold for $15.27, so I was pretty happy about that. My other item didn't do so well. My Simply Violet Curling Iron Cover went for just $4.90! That person got an amazing deal!

Selling stuff on ebay is always a gamble. I usually start my auctions at 99 cents and then anxiously watch it all week to see how many bids it has.

I have a couple more items that I might sell. I might give the Vera Bradley sales board a try next time. Then I can use the money to buy my new Vera Bradley bags! I will have to bank this $20 to save up for my next bag.


  1. I actually won your Simply Violet Curling Iron Cover and didn't realize it was yours (until reading your blog with the amount it sold for on the post)! I went on eBay looking for a curling iron cover and your auction was the one that seemed to be the best deal on a pattern I'm really loving now... and this will be my first piece in Simply Violet! :) Thanks for the great deal!!!
    We went on a little vacation, and it's an item I really needed for my Chi on the way up and the way back! :)

  2. That is too funny! Congrats! You will really like it. The color totally has grown on me and now I want a purse in Simply Violet. I would have kept the Curling Iron Cover, but I already have one in a different color so I dont really need two. It is shipping out on Tuesday!


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