Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to blogging

I have been bad lately and haven’t really written any posts. I have mostly just been posting good deals or photos. I will try to write more. I don’t think that I realized how much time it would take to try to write a blog 5 times a week. Sometimes I get so caught up doing other things, that the blog gets put on the back burner.

Yesterday I ran in the Rock n Roll marathon on a relay team with 3 of my friends. We had an amazing time! While we were waiting for our 4th person to finish the last leg of the race Vera bags popped up everywhere! It was like one after another! Every time I see one, I pretty much shout, “OMG, look there is a Vera bag!” Haha. I don’t know why I get such a kick out of Vera sightings in San Diego, but I do.

On Friday we had to go to the convention center to pick up our packets and bibs. One of my friends said there was no way I was going to see a Vera bag. We all went our separate ways to our different check in tables. I was with Alex and Colleen at the relay check in table and all of a sudden it happened! A Vera Sighting! There was a Hipster in Blue Rhapsody hanging on the back of a chair. Someone had moved out of the way and I could see it. Next thing I know I am yelling for Nina to come see the Vera bag so that I could prove her wrong, that someone at the expo would have a Vera bag. Well, Nina was no where to be seen because they had already checked in and moved into the expo part of the room. So I whipped out my blackberry and took a photo and immediately uploaded it to the blog. The woman had a death grip on the bag; I think that she was afraid I would walk off with it because I was so excited to see it.

Our relay team has a facebook page if you want to check it out! Team MADness We finished in less than 7 hours and that was our goal. Go team! Thanks to Karen, Colleen & Alex for being amazing teammates! We finished a marathon…now that’s MADness!

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