Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Post - Take 2

Grr. I had written my whole post but while I was writing it my internet connection was lost. (How does that even happen?! I have internet through my cable company, so frustrating) So when I hit the button to post today's blog it took me to the page to tell me I wasn’t connected and my post was lost. What a bummer! So lets try this again.

Yesterday it was a lot of fun to carry my Chanticleer bag! One woman absolutely loved it! I was kind of shocked. She said that she had made a pillow with chickens and ribbons on it for her friend who just graduated. So we bonded over chickens and roosters. AND she was the same age as me!

I am considering keeping track of how many days I can go without purchasing anything Vera Bradley. Maybe it will keep me from searching craigslist and ebay for good finds. So I bought the Chanticleer bag on Sunday and we will count today. 2 days, no Vera.

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