Monday, May 10, 2010


RueLaLa is an invite only shopping website that has 2 day boutiques. They have had Vera Bradley items a couple of times, but not recently. I havent even logged onto RueLaLa in a while, but last week while watching The Hills/The City they mentioned that Whitney Port would have a portion of her collection on RueLaLa and this morning when I get my "Whats on sale this week" email from RueLaLa it said that Whitney's stuff goes on sale on May 12th.

Even though they arent offering Vera right now I still thought that I would share an invite with you all incase you ever want to check it out. They have fun designers and really nice things at great prices. If Vera is ever on there again, believe me, I will let you know!

I bought a Pinwheel Pink Super Tote a while back from RueLaLa for about $40 I think. My mom got a Pink Elephants Hanging Organizer the time before that. The Vera stuff they have offered were all retiring prints or styles, but they were a pretty good deal if you logged in early enough.

Click on the link for your invitation:


  1. Do you have any pics of the winter 2010 colors that are in sig stores? :)

  2. I saw some online, I will see if I can find them again!


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