Friday, May 14, 2010

How far would you go for Vera?

I have been checking craigslist for Vera bags and this time only in San Diego. No more checking in San Fran or Sacramento. It has been a while since I have seen anything that I was really interested in and had a good price, but last week I came across a great posting! It was for the small Terry Tote/Purse. I forget what it’s exact name is and it isn’t on the website anymore. And it was only $15! So I emailed the lady who posted it and she called me in less than an hour and said that I could have it, but that she was in Carlsbad. Carlsbad is about 45 minutes north of San Diego, but I was willing do drive that far. I told her that I probably wouldn’t have time to get up there until Sunday and she said that was fine. So on my way to my parents house for Mother’s Day I stopped in Carlsbad. The purse is like new! I doubt she ever used it. It even had that little packet that is supposed to absorb moisture.

Since it was only $15 the 45 minute drive seemed worth it! How far would you go for Vera?


  1. You a SD girl? I'm Mission Viejo....about as far NORTH of Carlsbad as you are south. LOL

    LOVE VB!

  2. Yep, I am a SD girl. If you are in Mission Viejo, you are closer to the Signature Store! Lucky!

  3. Barely, but yes! LOL I gotta plan a road trip there once. If you ever decide to come up for that on the weekend, let me know; we can carpool. :)

  4. That would be a lot of fun! I probably wont be going back to LA until hockey season starts up again though.

  5. You're a hockey fan too! Wow! I won the contest and named the Ducks mascot, Wild Wing! True story! :)

  6. Oh wow, that is so cool!

    But, I am a KINGS fan! Go Kings Go!!


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