Monday, May 17, 2010

New Tote! Well At least new to me

I have been wanting a Mod Floral Blue bag for a while since they are the Padres colors. Of course I decided this after they retired and were harder to find. A long time ago I had a MFB Lindsay, but decided that wasn’t what I wanted and I sold it on ebay. So I only had a couple of MFB accessories, but no bag. Well, about a week ago I found a tote on ebay that said it was gently used, so I decided to bid on it and I won! So I got my gently used MFB tote at the end of last week. It is in pretty good condition, no wear or fading. Yesterday I took it to the Padres game and it was perfect! I also put my new MFB flower on it, so cute!

This is my 3rd tote. I have more totes than any other bag. I try to buy different bags in different colors so that I don’t have too many duplicates, but totes are great. You can use them as a tote bag or as a purse. I bought my grandma a mini hipster for Mother’s Day, but she decided it was too small, so my Aunt exchanged it for a tote, so that they could both put their stuff in it when they go out and about so that they can carry one bag instead of two.

I was going to share that totes in retiring colors are on sale today, but it looks like I took too long and now they are sold out of the $19 totes. I am not surprised that those went fast, that was such a great price.

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