Tuesday, May 18, 2010

QVC - Trip Kit and Curling Iron Cover

QVC has a great deal on the Vera Bradley Trip Kit and Curling Iron Cover set. With shipping it is $30. The regualr retail price of the trip kit is $35 and the curling iron cover is $17, so buying on QVC you save a lot of money. I emailed my mom and sister last night in case they were interested and I get this email back from my mom:

Alison, You have me hooked. I really like that little clutch purse, so I ORDERED IT from QVC just now. The colored pastel like colors. Good deal, I think, a little less than retail price with shipping and tax. included. Mom

I went to QVC because because I want to find a good deal on a Night and Day Angle Tote, but no such luck. The search continues.

Here is the link to QVC for the Trip Kit and Curling Iron Cover Set.

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  1. If you don't like the colors you bought you can always exchange at a Vera Bradley signature store. That's what I plan on doing when mine arrive.


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